Ahead of the release of their Greyscale Records debut EP, Melbourne’s Aburden share another taste of The Last Goodbye, with the new single ‘Need You’. ‘The Last Goodbye’ will be available this Friday October 12th through Greyscale Records, with pre-orders available HERE.

“Need You, is a follow up to our debut single ‘Face Face’ and is the closing of that chapter, a self-reflection after a tremendous loss.” explains guitarist/vocalist Kyle Burrows. “We wanted this to be the second single as it is a look at another sound that you can expect to hear in ‘The Last Goodbye’, a sound that we experimented with after writing ‘To The Sky’. We wanted ‘The Last Goodbye’ to not only be a more mature and evolved sound, but also a showcase at the different sounds that we have been working on since the release of our debut EP ‘My Old Friend'”

From selling out their headlining show at Cherry Bar, to the first single ‘One For You’ getting consistent plays on triple j, suffice to say the band has been humbled by the reaction to their new music.

“We’ve been absolutely blown away by the responses of ‘One For You’ and the announcement of our new EP ‘The Last Goodbye’.” Burrows continues “We cannot even begin to explain the amount of time that went into every inch of this EP, to have it be this well received already has calmed out nerves. We’re so eager to hear what everyone this after their first listen – from start to close. On the 12th of October, we celebrate a new chapter in the life of Aburden, a date that has taken so long to arrive for us. We’ll be sitting on the edge of our seats in anticipation of your reaction.”

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