INCUBUS are coming to Australia for Soundwave! After last being here on the lineup back in 2008 they’re back, with brand new music which just premiered world- wide earlier in the week, and some sweet-as-heck sideshows with Antemasque and Le Butcherettes. Ben Kenney is the bass player of INCUBUS, joining in 2001 after leaving a little band from Philadelphia called The Roots, and as you can expect from a dude like this he’s a music fan first and a soulful intelligent bass player and songwriter second; as his memories and excitement about coming back to Soundwave attest.

“I’m definitely excited about it. Last time I remember I met the guys from Alexis On Fire and the guys from Fall Of Troy at the festival; one or two of the guys from Killswitch Engage, and I got to see them every night which was really huge… It was just rad, it was awesome.”- Ben Kenney

I could barely get the question out about this year’s lineup before he interrupted me.

“Dude, Soundgarden man, I’m gonna get to see…. If I play my cards right and don’t fuck up, I’m gonna get to see a few Soundgarden concerts for free! And Ministry! I remember back in 1991, being a freshman in high school, smoking camels with my boots on, listening to Ministry smashing shit, so that’s gonna be really fun to see.”- Ben Kenney

He’s also excited about getting to close the stage at the Sidewaves with Cedric and Omar’s new thing, Antemasque, and their mates Le Butcherettes.

“Yes. I can’t wait for that. I bumped into Dave the drummer a couple of weeks ago and I was like ‘Hey we’re gonna be  playing together!’. That’s gonna be great ‘coz those dudes… they’re on their own channel and music really needs them. It needs them to do their thing the way that they wanna do it, and it takes us all 5 years to figure out what it is, and to realise that we love it.”- Ben Kenney

And a trip to Australia for this kind and effusive man is also personal, when it comes to his taste in music.

“For me I always love when we get to come back down there because my favourite band in the universe is…” 


AAAAND…… you’re just going to have to wait until Sunday night at 7pm to find out who that is. You’ll also hear all about the new tune Incubus has premiered, their plans for releasing music this year, and a few more nuggets of musical gold from

Ben Kenney of INCUBUS.


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