Pop Punk sensations WE THE KINGS have returned to Australia to celebrate the 10-year anniversary of their breakthrough self-titled debut album. With frontman Travis Clark declaring “This is going to be some of the best and most fun shows we’ve ever played and we can’t wait to see everyone who comes out for a night unlike anything we’ve ever done!” now you know tonight’s show is going to be nothing short of awesome especially with support acts Awaken I Am and show opener Yours Truly.

The passion and support for live music I truly think are in today’s younger generation, doors have barely opened and the line to the Metro is way up the alleyway for tonight’s all-ages show. This line up of eager gig goers saw the Metro fill half way up and show their support for local band Yours Truly. Fronted by the charismatic Mikaila this up and coming band may be the best band you haven’t heard of yet. Their songs have all the sensibility of a pop-punk band you have heard before but their lyrical content is just so catchy especially when you hear the beautiful When the Sky Falls or latest single High Hopes. I was hooked from beginning to end and look forward to seeing more of these guys throughout the year.

It is evident by now Australia is producing some bloody great bands and Awaken I am are amongst the crop of talent out there who are now gaining more and more attention for their fantastic live shows and great music, the release of their latest album Blind Love last year has left me eager to hear these new songs live. Awaken I Am really come alive opening with their earlier tracks, the guitar playing of Ned Jankovic and Connor Oakley is monstrous and really is the bands driving sound, on top of the harmonies of new lead singer. The crowd love the old stuff but were even more receptive to the new tracks Blind Love, Black Dreams and Walk My Way being the standouts. These guys are hitting The States for the next few months but are back in May to headline their own shows, make sure you catch them.

After two stellar warm-up acts it is time for the main event but first a voice comes over the speakers informing us of the rules for tonight. 1st rule is clothes must stay on but only for one song, the 2nd rule is to get your cell phones out, it is free promotion after all and the 3rd rule is, what happens at a We The Kings Show stays at a We The Kings Show! And with that, a mighty cheer from the crowd came out and the band let rip right away with Check Yes Juliet. The crowd becoming insanely vocal singing every line back, we are only two songs in but the energy of the crowd and the voices have the band not being able to hear themselves, and with that they declare this the best show of the tour saying you know it will be an amazing night when that happens, and they certainly were not wrong.

Live shows always come with some insight from the band about the inspiration for writing some of our favourite songs, when it came to writing Sweet Valentine frontman Travis Clark delights us with a monologue about his first time with a girl and using the video game Tetris as an analogy of how all the pieces came together and fitted to form an explosion, lol quite sweet indeed. We get treated to a special piano rendition of one of my favourite tracks Don’t Speak Liar and more insight on the track This Is Our Town, a dedication to their hometown which goes out to us saying we are much like the people of their hometown and why they feel very much at home on our shore and keep coming back so often, a sentiment we really appreciate.

Now the album set is over, of course we want them to come out and play songs from other albums. The highlights of the encore being the beautiful Just Keep Breathing, which just felt like a warm-up for the next track Sad Song and Says You Like Me. They decide to play a special request and go one song over their original list before finally ending the set uniquely enough the way it began with Check Yes Juliet. Then citing they have finished every show this way their entire career so no point in stopping it now, the crowd loved it being louder than before.

Album shows are often filled with nostalgia and tonight was no different, with every track taking me back it was like hitting play on the cd the first time I listened to it, a real party from start to finish some of the most fun I have ever had.

Review – Chad 

Photos – Christian Ross


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