Post-hard-core pioneers, THURSDAY, have come out of retirement and are now heading up their first run of shows in Australia since 2012. Tonight, the Metro Theatre in Sydney heads up the opening night of a four-show run. To make these reunion shows even more noteworthy they are bringing along with them a special support act of 90’s NYC Hard-core scene masters Quicksand.

Quicksand have drawn in quite a few punters eager to see what these 90s masters will deliver for us, it is said that their first two albums are a stylistic blueprint that many bands from the scene would follow. Most recently they have released an album titled Interiors, which has a power and strength that will subtlety stun you when hearing their music for the first time ever, I would say that is true of all the songs the band played tonight.

An overall masterclass performance with a message from frontman/guitarist Walter Schreifels that really hits home about how great live music is at bringing us all together, what a way to start things off. Later in the night, lead singer Geoff Rickly of Thursday would say ‘Quicksand is one of those bands that if they didn’t exist then Thursday wouldn’t exist.’ That’s how big an influence they had on the genre, so get out and see them whilst you can.

It may be Wednesday but all I can see is Thursday! (Lol) When the lights go dim an intro track plays us in as the band take the stage, the LS? holds the microphone up high with his back to the audience then it’s a 4 3 2 1 count in and we are away with For the Workforce Drowning. Thursday are a band who are celebrating 20 years as such with 6 albums under their belt, but tonight they hope we don’t mind if they play a bulk of tracks from two of my favourite albums Full Collapse and War All the Time. This was a definite crowd pleaser and kept things in full flight all night.

Perched often against the front barrier lead singer Geoff Rickly would scream out anguished lyrics over the sound of chiming guitars, swing his microphone in the air ready for lift-off as we would mosh and go over the barrier to songs such as Signals Over the Air, Division St, Paris in Flames and the main set-list finisher of Understanding a Car Crash. For the encore, Geoff asks if it’s okay if they play a little longer than normal as to give them a chance to play some other stuff from a few other records, this was a no-brainer as for we would like them to play as long as they can. We get a five-set encore with the standouts being Turnpike and the set closer of War All the Time.

Tonight’s show only cements the legacy Thursday have made over the years as one of the most complex and exciting bands of the decade. Being true pioneers of the post-hard-core genre, this most likely will be the last chance to catch them on our soil so make sure you do, you won’t regret it, they’re still explosive as ever.

Review – Chad 

Photo Gallery – Christian Ross




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