It had been seven years since Story of the year had released an album and late last year they dropped Wolves on us, the album quickly became my 2nd favourite album of 2018. Now stepping out of the shadows with more passion and energy than any time in the last decade a now re energised Story Of The Year have hit our shores already blowing away audiences in Perth and Brisbane the band are at the Metro in Sydney tonight and i am hungry like the wolf to see them lay down tracks from the new album and the old stuff i love so much.

We gather round in nice and tight tonight down on the Metro floor and when those stage lights go dim the intensity in the place goes up as the build up continues we wait in anticipation and then the band explode onto the stage and hit us with How Will We Go On and everybody gets lifted off the ground.

I get to go see a lot of live music played on stages big and small, the Metro is one of my favourite venues and whilst small on stage size that doesn’t stop the band from delivering one of the most energetic and engaging live performances and yes we got plenty signature back flips from guitarist Ryan Phillips.

Front man Dan Marsala voice would shatter through out the speakers then sound so harmonic as he screamed and sang his way through some of the classic tracks we long to hear Anthem Of Our Dying Day was one such beautiful sing along moment. Every time an old school song came on the old school fans came out going over the barrier and opening that pit wider and wider. A show chock full of highlights one stand out had to be transitioning out of Our Time Is Now into Rage Against The Machine’s Bullet To Head. Being that its an Australian show that inevitable moment came when the crowd called for a shoey and Guitarist Ryan stepped up after frontman Dan refused saying he paid his dues in Perth. Drinking beer from a shoe and constant back flips aren’t all guitarist Ryan delivered on the night his exceptional guitar work really showcased on new track Miracle.

It had been an impressive full of energy an movement to finish things off they went low key and left us with Praying For Rain as the discreetly make their exit the crowd keep the build up going calling or them to come back out and just like that they head out and begin the encore even more explosively then it began with Is This My Fate He Asked ? they leave us one last chance to go off opening up the circle pit biggest it had ever been for Until The Day I Die.

Tonight Story Of The Year delivered a spectacular live show that was just filled with their rapacious anthems, songs from albums past and present as the show ends the venue plays Bill Hedley’s Time Of My Life which i think is so fitting because we all just did have exactly that it was a show better then you could imagined and one you must go see, so so very good to see them again.

Review – Chad

Photo Gallery – Christain Ross

Read our pre tour interview with vocalist Dan Marsala 




Tuesday 1 May – Capitol, Perth – 18+

Thursday 3 May – The Triffid, Brisbane – 18+

Saturday 5 May – Metro Theatre, Sydney – 18+

Sunday 6 May – 170 Russell, Melbourne – 18+

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