It is no secret that Australia is in love with Halsey, yes there is something about the New Jersey native that we just can’t get enough of, be it her unmistakable voice, sex appeal or her take-no-prisoners attitude we just seem to be in love with Halsey.  Luckily for us, the Grammy-nominated singer has decided to return to our shores touring off the release of her latest album Hopeless Fountain Kingdom. Originally scheduled to only play four shows in the land down under, but tonight’s Sydney show selling out so quickly a second Sydney show was added for Sunday, April 29th and i am told that show was sensational so tonight i expect the same. 

Its almost the weekend so many of us gorgeous looking Sydney-siders have come to see Halsey and her special guest, acclaimed R&B songstress and Grammy-nominated Kehlani, who is set to perform hits from her   SweetSexySavage album. I love her song Gangsta from the Suicide Squad soundtrack, sadly I missed out on what I am told was a CRZY sweet and sexy performance. 

As I make my way inside the Hordern I can feel the electricity in the air, yes, something magical feels like it is about to happen and as the show starts I look up at the stage and see a large white curtain and behind it the sexy silhouette starts to dance but the magic is in that voice as the curtain falls and we begin the set with Eyes Closed. The stunning Halsey appears looking absolutely stunning in her sparkling swimsuit and balaclava to match.

What I heard and saw tonight was nothing short of astonishing, Halsey’s voice is amazing. Even inside the walls of the Hordern, I found myself captivated by her charm and looks, my eyes were fixed to the stage my ears pricked open and a feeling in my stomach akin to falling in lust. A champion of the people Halsey would ask us to get our dance on with Strangers, especially for all those in the room from the LGBTQI community or ones who have people in our lives who are. When she sang to a broken down piano version of Closer by the Chain Smokers things were truly moving, whilst the cute couples’ song of Him and I made me feel like I was Alone and Bad at Love, you could not have asked her to play any more than she did as for she practically hit us with everything she has and in between songs laid down some honest and candid playful banter. 

It’s is easy for me to write as if Halsey delivered this astounding performance all on her own and whilst I can say she was definitely the star of this show her back up dancer, drummer and pianist really added to the whole experience. Adding to this was a stage and lighting display of absolute wonderful colour and such technical brilliance it married up with the background video visuals showing provocative imagery that is both sexy and sweet, the stage often awash in smoke just made the show feel somewhat ethereal in nature. 

In the end, I can honestly say Halsey live is an amazing experience like no other I have listened to. The albums, I think they are pretty good but after seeing her live I am now asking everyone I meet have you heard Halsey’s music? Better yet, have you seen her live because she is a goddess. Listen to her music, go see her live, have an experience you will not soon forget. Halsey should be an artist you’re dying to meet and I can just tell you this baby, as soon as you do you will not wish that you never did.  At the show’s climax as the ticker tape rained down upon us I stood there in my own private live music moment thinking to myself how incredibly blessed we all are in the room tonight to have Halsey add something so wonderful to the soundtrack of our lives.

Review – Chad 



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