The raging inferno that is FRANK CARTER & THE RATTLESNAKES have returned to Australia for a killer run of shows and they are not alone, along for the ride on this incredible tour are none other than the mighty CANCER BATS. A band that is fuelled by a burning desire to rage harder, play louder and have more fun than any other band, this should be an exciting and mesmerising punk, hard-core show.

The CANCER BATS are a band that owns the stage, from the moment the first song kicks off you have beer and legs are flying everywhere. A cover of the Beastie Boys classic, Sabotage, whipped the already maddening crowd into a frenzy along with their other well-loved cover, Black Sabbath’s Children of the Grave. The fast playing ferocity of guitarist Scott Wilkinson was really astonishing, the crowd hung on every word frontman Liam Cormier delivered and left throats across the entire Metro going hoarse on tracks such as Hail DestroyerPneumonia Hawk and Arsenic In The Year of the Snake. These four Canadians really do know how to put on a good show, mixing southern metal and punk rock into one hell of a lethal rock and roll explosion.

The CANCER BATS were the double left jab, setting things up for the knock-out right cross about to be delivered by FRANK CARTER & THE RATTLESNAKES. As we stood shoulder to shoulder on the Metro floor Frank and the venomous Rattlesnakes open with the chaotic Primary Explosive.  Frank has garnered himself a reputation as one of music’s best and most combustible front-men and there was no disputing that tonight as he thrashed around the stage jumping on and off anything raised. We were only a few songs in when the energetic front-man enters the crowd and is held up high on the hands and shoulders of the front mosh faithful and rages out to Juggernaut. Showing his gentleman side Frank calls for the men to show some fucking respect and let the ladies only mosh on Wild Flowers.

The mosh pit was ever so active tonight as the Rattlesnakes sound gave energy to chaos on tracks like Trouble and setlist closer Paradise which saw guitarist Dean Richardson’s riffing it up from amongst the crowd. A wicked drum solo from Gareth Grover makes up the encore and we get right back into things with Snake Eyes, Devil Inside Me and the show stopper I Hate You

Tonight was a live show that you should not have missed. Sydney really turned it up and everyone had a really good fucking time. It was a gig that felt like the last days of Rome. Wild, frenzied, full of chest-beating and the kind of ferocity that leaves you exiting the Metro covered in sweat and a smile. 

Review – Chad

Photos – Christian Ross 


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