Melbourne’s prog/rock lords and lady, FIGURES, are today releasing the first taste of their forthcoming EP, CHRONOS – which will see it’s international release on Friday June 16th. The massive, riff-heavy track, Recoil, comes along with a video and is dedicated to the memory and tragic loss of their friend and fan, Mick Mills, to Lymphoma.

Jen Fletcher, bassist for the band, wants the world to know this one is for him. “‘Slick’ Mick Mills was a close personal friend of the band since meeting Simmo and Josh through work years ago. He was diagnosed with Lymphoma in September of 2016. He died only 9 months later at the young age of 27. He was a great guitar player and like a little brother to Simmo, who wouldn’t be the guitarist he is without those countless hours jamming together. His favourite Figures track was Recoil and he was always front row when we dropped it. He was a proper fan, we never want to forget him and what that song used to make him feel. RIP ‘Slick’ Mick, we’ll miss him but we will never forget him and this video clip was never released in time for him to see it. Guaranteed if he had have seen it, in true Mick style he would have most certainly lost his shit.”

The EP will see it’s release on Friday June 16 and will be available for pre-order from this Friday May 5th, with Recoil as the instant grat track for fans upon pre-order.



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