Daryl Palumbo and Rick Penzone’s NY-based musical project Color Film will release its debut album Living Arrangements on June 16th on Epitaph. The band have revealed a new song, Even If It Did Exist. Listen now on Spotify or below.

Color Film formed in New York by Daryl Palumbo and Richard Penzone. The musical project is a re-contextualization of their shared influences into a wholly new sonic amalgam. It is unmistakably familiar yet simultaneously shimmers in a way you have never heard before. It’s not a reinvention so much as it is a brave progression for this twosome whose collective musical resume includes a myriad of culture-driving projects that have created waves in the music scene.

Living Arrangements displays the many sonic sides of Color Film’s artistic palette and is undeniably the most undiluted form self-expression seen from either member to date. “The album definitely is a journey in the sense that it starts big,” Palumbo explains. “There’s the pop thing, a lot of synthesizer sounds, sampled instruments and smooth bass and I feel so lucky that we’re in a place where we can write this type of music,” he continues. “The two of us will listen to some of these songs we wrote and get introspective and I’ll admit it, it feels awesome.”

Pre-orders are available HERE
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